Hire. Upskill. Promote. Repeat.

Hire. Upskill. Promote. Repeat.

One constant in society today is change. From the simplest update in everyday procedures to monumental technological advances, people – and businesses – are continually adapting to changes by learning and developing new skill sets. Upskilling an existing workforce is one of the many ways to keep up with change and combat the skills gaps it can create.


Upskilling, the process of developing new skills or improving an existing skill set, is a valuable practice for any business and comes with a number of great benefits. Most notably, upskilling can directly impact staffing in two ways:

  • Employee Retention: By investing in your employees, you assure them they’re an invaluable asset by giving them opportunities for personal and professional growth. Upskilled employees can also be prepped to take on additional responsibilities or be promoted to new roles.
  • Attracting New Employees: Providing opportunities for advancement and growth can be a massive selling point to job candidates. Also, by upskilling and promoting individuals from within your organization, you then create new entry-level openings to continue the process and continue the cycle.


OhioMeansJobs Allen County offers a number of resources to help employers upskill their employees and strengthen the Allen County Workforce. These programs include:

  • Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program: The IWT Program focuses on developing the local workforce by providing employers with additional funding and support for training projects to upskill employees who have been with the company for at least six months.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program: The goal of this program is to place participants into in-demand occupations by helping them acquire the specific skills needed to perform the job. Through the OJT Program, employers may be reimbursed up to 50% of the wages earned by eligible new trainees while they learn the job.
  • Ohio TechCred: TechCred provides funding to help Ohio companies upskill their current and incoming workforce with short-term, technology-focused credentials programs and certification.


For more information on funding options to assist in upskilling your workforce and other Employer Services, visit OMJAllen.com or call 419-999-0360.

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