Are you looking at changing jobs in 2023? Experts have some tips to get started.

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WLIO – Your Hometown Stations, January 1, 2023

If you are making a resolution to get a new job in the new year, you are not alone. A recent study found that 25% of Americans want to completely change careers in 2023. Experts say your first step is brushing up your resume, making sure that the information is all current. Then maybe get good head shot of yourself to send out with your resume. But when you are looking at your resume, don’t forget to list all your skills. Because you don’t know what will attract the attention of a future employer.

“People tend to undersell themself,” says Joe Patton, Ex. Dir. OhioMeansJobs Allen Co.  “A lot of time your background, sometimes can lead you into something else. Like maybe you have a health care background, but you are going to work in operations somewhere but that operation also has some great background with healthcare that would be helpful. A lot of people discount that sometimes. So, putting all of your assets out there, or your experiences and merging them together in a nice flow on your resume is very important.”

“I wouldn’t just machine gun resumes out towards people, I would be kind of specific in what you are going for,” adds Patton. “But it doesn’t hurt to have a lot of options, when you are interviewing, and it also helps you negotiate a little bit on your salary sometimes.”

If you have questions about how to get started in finding that new job, Patton says OhioMeansJobs Allen County has people that can help you out. They currently have listings for 2500 job openings in the area.

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