OhioMeansJobs offers assistance to Child Care Provider License Applicants

WLIO Child Care Provider 12.8.22

WLIO – Your Hometown Stations, December 8, 2022

Ohio Means Jobs is helping people become their own boss.

Ohio Means Jobs Allen County offered an informational session on Thursday to people interested in becoming licensed child care providers. Over the past few years, the demand for child care has increased, while the number of available child care centers has declined.

This program helps people become licensed to provide child care from their own homes so they can make an income and still be at home with their own children. If approved, they would also be able to set their own work schedules. The goal is to fill gaps in the times of the day that people aren’t able to find child care services.

“Most of our people on public assistance do work, but they work a lot of part-time and odd, different hours. So most daycares are open during the day, this will really help us compliment that by having after hours, evenings, like for those twelve hour shifts where people work all night. Those are the places we really have a great need,” said Joe Patton, the Director of Ohio Means Jobs Allen County.

Attendees learned about the process to become licensed, the financial assistance available to help with application fees, and who to contact if they need any help completing their applications.

“I got most of my paperwork from the Y and the book that they gave me, I was able to put all my paperwork together, so I’ll be turning mine in to Rhonda here within the next week,” said Aretha Ingram, who is working towards becoming a licensed child care provider.

Another informational session will be held on January 12, at 5PM, at Ohio Means Jobs Allen County. If you are unable to attend, you can call Ohio Means Jobs at (419)-999-0360 and they will work with you one on one.

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